Recovery from serious illness may start in the hospital, but for many families, life does not return to normal immediately after hospital discharge. ICU care is often associated with changes in physical, cognitive and emotional health. These changes are part of Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS), which is a collection of health problems experienced after intensive care.  Parents and siblings can also experience a form of PICS called PICS-Family.

Symptoms of PICS include

  1. Physical health problems
    1. Weakness and fatigue
    1. Changes in memory, attention and problem solving
  2. Emotional and behavior problems
    1. Depression or anxiety
    1. Post-traumatic stress symptoms
    1. Unpredictable or uncontrollable outbursts

Symptoms of PICS-Family include

  1. Stress, anxiety, and depression
  2. Feeling overwhelmed
  3. Changes in sleep and eating
  4. Irritability or moodiness
  5. Loss of enjoyment in activities
  6. Isolation and loss of social connections

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